There will be a few exclusive releases to this page. The variation in rating (many g kisses are available here and nowhere else) are also "exclusive," but only greater changes will be shown on this page. Currently, they are only modified versions of Kisses already released, some only slightly modified, some modified to a great extent.


Azrael was originally a very quick kiss, this is an expanded version, with more items, and clothes, including strap-on wings and a pitchfork.


FKiss: wings mapping mostly. changing hair. it does not blink, and it only breathes when it feels like it.


Exclusive Rated G Version


The wonderful Emby Quinn told me to feel free to use her magnificent vulture headdress from her Cleopatra doll in Nefertiri. The versions available on this page have this headdress, as well as a slightly expanded teachtoy (which may in the future be expanded with more messages).


FKiss: Touch her to wake her up, she blinks, and click on her arms and they move.


Rated R Version (original release, with R teachtoy instead of PG)
Rated PG Version (with PG teachtoy)
Rated G Version (with G teachtoy)

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