Xmas of the Dark Kiss

Here are a few Christmas presents for you. If you're under legal age, just leave Vixen alone, there's more for you to play with around here anyway.


Finally Vixen is finished. You can find her on the
Big Kiss Page (in the adult section), and when the Adult Kiss Page has the Christmas Page up. Originally it was made for the Christmas Adult Kiss Page thing because I saw that some other people were making ones... You can visit Vixen's Page is you want to find out more about her.


FKiss: Um, I can't really mention most of them here...


Rated X Version (available from the Big Kiss Page)

Harley Quinn

Harleen Quinzel has actually been sitting on my computer since before last Christmas, and I'm finally going to be releasing her this Christmas. Yes, I know this is a tease. Due to computer follies, and forgetting to download her file, I couldn't finish her until after last Christmas, although she was *almost* done. The likeness isn't perfect, but you know, I'm rather proud of her anyway.


FKiss: Blinking, changing eye color, changing hair color, changing body color, in/out commands for hiding hair and for holding her toys, my first foray into sound (although it isn't much), a few other little surprises here and there, but nothing major.


Rated R Version (original release)


A very quick kiss, I did this one is a day and a half right before Christmas. Az is a "fallen" angel (it didn't so much fall as saunter vaguely downwards...), has an adult version released on the Erotic Kiss Page. Az is a hedonist, and left heaven basically because it found it boring (it gets bored easily). Az with likely not be my only angel, they will probably get their own page at some point...along with a rant on the nature of angels.


FKiss: wings mapping mostly. changing hair. it does not blink, and it only breathes when it feels like it.


Rated G Version (original release)
Exclusive Rated G Version (expanded)
Rated X Version (at the Erotic Kiss Page)

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