I have put together a set of tutorials to give you an idea of how kisses are made, and how they work. This may not tell you exactly what you're looking for, the only program-specific tutorials are for a Mac, because although I now have access to a PC to do some beta test fkiss coding, I'm still doing all the preliminaries on a Mac (if anyone would like to wite program-specific tutorials for other platforms, please let me know). There are a few sections to each tutorial, first to explain what the file type actual is, what it does, and why it is necessary; second to explain a little about how it actually works, so you know why it does the things it does. Thirdly, I have also put up specific tutorials about how to make the files with a Mac (the exception being the cnf file, which is entirely non-platform specific in creating, although certain commands are only supported by certain viewers).

This section is still under heavy construction and is not finished, so please bear with me.

Starting your Kiss
KCF file
CEL file
CNF file
LZH file

Some things to note:

These turtorials were written to be (loosely) used together in order. If you only read parts of it, you may end up a little confused, although I have tried to repeat the parts that I thought might be helpful. The cnf is a unit that stands more on its own, but only if you already know palette and file construction.

All filenames should be 8 letters long with a 3 letter extention, so they are backwards compatible to pre Windows 95 PC's. Dav, of The Big Kiss Page will not post files that are longer than the standard 8.3, and fixing them all after you've put it together can be a pain and a half.

I have tried to explain how things work without getting too much into technobabble. However, not everything I'm telling you is entirely true, because a) this is my best guess as to how it really works becuase I have never actually written a Kiss program, only files, and b) I have tried to simplify things so you can understand them more easily. If you see anywhere you know I'm wrong, please contact me.

There are also a number of other sites with tutorials. Here are some of note:

DeCayK's tutorial in German