The Mac program for making an lzh file is MacLHA. It comes in English and Japanese versions, depending on where you find your version. To compress, choose New Archive in the File menu. A window will pop up that looks like this:

Before you add any items to the archive, you have to choose Show Type from the Options menu. Click MacBinary off, and set it to LHarc, or your file will not be read by other platforms.

Then you are ready to add your items and compress them. A window may pop up asking if you wish to use MacBinary if not, even when you have MacBinary turned off. Make sure to choose Not MacBinary, or other platforms will have problems reading your Kiss. Also note that MacLHA has a very limited capacity, it will only accept around 300-350 items per file before crashing. If your Kiss is larger than that you will have to divide it into multiple archives.