Ha ha! Bet you thought I'd give you a viewer to see the Kisses! But you were wrong! For that, go to this place instead. This, is an idea of what the viewers are, and why I hate CKiss.

There's your basic Kiss, which is just moving things back and forth.

Then there's FKiss. It adds animation, like blinking, and things than change when you touch them.

FKiss2 has more animation, and also has transparencies so things can be partly see-thru. There is currently no FKiss2 viewer for the Mac (I use a Mac, and some occasional FKiss2 fx, so I want somebody to make me one! John Stiles made the FKiss viewer and has made the code public domain at his page).

And now, for the rant. CKiss, aka Cherry Kiss. A) I can't see any of them, not having enough access to a PC. B) why do people keep making them like they do?!?!? For some background, CKiss means you don't have to make a palette file. In theory this means its good for photographic and comp gen Kisses. However, there are so many CKisses that don't need the unlimited palette! It makes the Kiss unnecessarily huge, and they're just lazy, not making a pallette file! They're not hard at all, I don't understand what's so bloody difficult. So please, DO NOT MAKE CKISS UNLESS IT ACTUALLY MAKES SENSE!!!!!!
Bah. Ok, I'm done now.

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