Time for a change.

The new design here isn't a priority. The old design has been falling apart for years, so this will do for now. It is quick and easy, and will serve in the interim as a placeholder and a (possible) way to showcase my dolls.

Please read all of the following before continuing. I know, text, internet, boring. Read it anyway.

1) Any email asking me to send you my dolls goes directly into the trash. It is not worth my time and effort to send dolls to everyone who asks. Ask for any of the dolls not posted here (because they are for something else, or especially if they are rated x) and you won't get them. If you want adult dolls, you ought to be old enough to get an Otakuworld subscription. Fanmail, however, is appreciated, although I do not always have time to answer it.

2) The files here are iffy. I know that. I'm telling you that right now, so you know it too. Deal with it. This is what happens when you rely on free servers. Don't like it? Get a subscription to Otakuworld, almost everything is there. Since they actually pay money for bandwidth and hosting (which is what you are paying for- I support Otakuworld 100%) they can reliably host files. I cannot.

3) Do not take any of these dolls, or anything included in them, without express written permission from me. They are not to be posted anywhere public without my permission. Do not use screenshots without my express permission. All these things are protected by copyright. We are a well connected community and we are actively defending our rights.

the dolls

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