Otakuworld is the place to start. The biggest library of KiSS dolls on the net. To get to all the dolls you need to buy a subscription (or make KiSS dolls to get some time, you can even get a lifetime membership if you consistently make good ones), but you can get viewers, a few free dolls, and the most extensive links to sites of KiSS artists on the net. There are also links to a few places that have collections of dolls that do not charge for the bandwidth (yet).

Heaven and Hell Times is an online KiSS "newspaper" that has time sensitive KiSSes- there is no archive. Some really neat things end up here from time to time.

The World KiSS Page is a place for all those nifty Japanese artists that started this all. Rarely updated, but has some oh so lovely goodies.

The Nakama KiSS Page is a place you can go to hook up with other people, so you can team up with someone. If you're strong in one area, but don't know where to start on another, you might like it here.

philematophobia (fear of kissing) is tea's kiss page. It has documents on artists' rights, a few tutorials, and hosts a few small compilations of sets now and again.


Elaine MC's board(s) is a place for all sorts of discussion on KiSS. This is a great place to come for help, as well as to trade tricks and talk about off topic stuff.

Otakuworld forums have two dedicated areas to KiSS.

There is also a Livejournal KiSS community for all sorts of discussions.


These are not all the artists I like- I would mirror the BKP's links section if I listed them all. These are a few that really mean a lot to me. If you aren't on the list its not that I don't love your work, there are a lot of artists I love who aren't here! And those that don't have webpages (or don't have ones I know of) aren't included either. I do have to pull one artist aside who doesn't have a website though, Dorothy is a relative newcomer to KiSS, but makes these absolutely gorgeous dolls with incredible wardrobes (yes, they're goth. Neener. I like them). Really, you ought to go on over to the BKP and use those links, since there are so many truly incredible artists out there.

Asia De Garde's memorial site is down. Asia was lost to us, and she is missed. She made KiSSes that were so natural and right, and influenced a lot of us, in a lot of ways.

Alex hosted a spiffy collab to which I contributed. She makes nice dolls.

Nils Altenbach makes some really nice dolls, and he's a great guy too!

Aragonite does some lovely things with the folds of clothing and shading.

Azoth does some really neat things, some with only black and white, no greys or colours!

Batchix does some incredible things. She manages to carry over other media (like coloured pencils or watercolours) into the computerized KiSS medium. Perfectly.

Rick Cramer makes dolls I wish I could make. Lovely wardrobes that are inventive, fun, and go together seamlessly, interesting characters that tell a story, and he makes lots of boy KiSSes too!

Dominatrix is a wonderful KiSSer, as well as an influential member of the community. He often pushes the limits of what is "expected" in a KiSS doll.

Elaine MC, as well as creating her boards, has made a lot of really interesting KiSSes that you may never see- she makes small sets that explore a certain area quite often. Some of them are posted on her page, but often you just have to be around when she's offering one up. There are a lot of really interesting arenas she explores in these, some really cool interface options, as well as interesting subject matter.

Eph makes anime and gaming KiSSes mostly, but they are simply impecable. Works of art.

Glyndon is the person who finally got me to make my first KiSS doll. I'd been playing around before that, but hadn't done anything real, her first KiSSes made me finally get it all together. Fetish goth KiSSes for the most part, but My Little Ponies and anime characters, as well as other things too, so it isn't all adult (she has some very all ages dedicated sets, with dress up pets and My Little Ponies).

Jade Gordon is one of the driving forces behind the Nakama KiSS Page. Jade's KiSSes are, well, gorgeous.

Her Mad Hatterness makes some truly adorable Kisses.

Megan started with making KiSSes of obscure Sailor Moon characters. I was never a fan of Sailor Moon, but she has a wonderful and unique style. She also has a web comic.

Nadav has been influenced by my style (if I do say so myself), and has made some X-men KiSSes of his own. His KiSSes just keep getting better.

Punky got me excited about KiSS again after a slump. I love the clothes and the hairstyles, and her drawing style is really nice too.

Emby Quinn is the most prolific KiSSer out there, that I know of at least, and I'd wager a bet the most prolific period. She's also influenced me with some of her FKiSS effects in making things more "fun," and she's a really nifty lady as well as a great artist.

Satori is one of those people who make goth KiSSes that just make me drool.

Dov Sherman runs the BKP, and made the first KiSS set I ever saw. He consistently pushes the envelope in what can be done, what *should* be done. He is probably the most influential KiSS artist in the West (and if you don't believe me, look at his two Ranmas, which was the first set to include blinking).

tea is an advocate for artists' rights, very active in the KiSS community, organized a compilation of KiSSes to be distributed at C7, and makes some really neat KiSSes. She often makes "experimental" KiSSes that explore something different about the medium.

Zel makes some really really nifty KiSSes, in a style all her own.