Tea Time!

I decided to add a little variety to this little page, so I'm also offering preveiws of someone else's kisses. And since I know Tea, personally even, her Kisses were the natural choice. If you want to see her web page, visit it already. You'll be happy you did.

And now, without further ado, the dolls of the incompararable Tea.

Tea's first Kiss. A little rough around the edges perhaps, but a very nice first try. An original character rock star sort of. Go to Tea's Page and visit Brillancia to find out the story.

The artist herself.

Starla, a fictional character from a Moo. I also have a fictional character/characters from the same Moo, who made guest appearances in Tea's Kiss of me (June, Christian, and Julia).

Another fictional character, this is from an even more involved fiction. To find out about Day, check out Tea's Page and wander over to Brillancia. Lovely. Absolutely lovely.

Tea even did a Kiss of me. This is partially sparked from a project I was doing for a class, I was doing a project on Kali and Lilith, so they're a part of this. Also included are Del, of course, Bindi (because I have Bindi hair), Dorothy (althogh I've always seen myself more as Ozma. Tip maybe), June, Christian and Julia (those last three being from the Moo fiction. They're sort of the same character. In a way). I think it came out quite nicely personally.

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