Ok, these are the Kisses to give to your kiddies. Be responsible, check 'em out first to see if you think they're appropriate, and don't bitch to me. If you feel like raised your kids to be repressed and afriad of their own bodies, that's your own business. It happened to me, and trust me, it can make some serious problems in the head, but hey, they're your shrink bills. The comic book dolls will probly all be offered in G flavor since nutity is very taboo in that world. The Preview feature takes you to the page with a blurb about the doll and two pictures.

Gothfairy FKiss2 Preview Download
Azrael FKiss2 Preview Download
Download Exclusive (expanded)
Rogue FKiss Preview Download
Phoenix-Rachel Summers FKiss2 Preview Download
Nefertiri FKiss Preview Download
Psylocke FKiss2 Preview Download
Death FKiss Preview Download
Midnight FKiss Preview Download
Tasha None Preview Download
Lydia Darkness None Preview Download

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