Nefertiri is more object oriented than most of my sets so far. I might make a boy as a compliment to this set (but that might get silly, if you've read Tim Buron's The Tragic Death of Oyster Boy and Other Stories, you know what I mean...), and I still have some Egyptian gods in consideration (yes, I am obsessed with Egypt. It just about ranks with my obsession with Japan). The waredrobe borrows some from Emby Quinn's lovely Cleopatra doll, as it is lots of it is being taken from sources I have on Egypt (at least the idea of the thing). The version that will eventually be here will have Emby's wonderful winged headdress as well (she's said its ok :). I'm not sure how happy I really am with how its come out, but I released it anyway, and some people at least seem happy with it...

FKiss: Touch her to wake her up, she blinks, and click on her arms and they move.

Rated R Version (original release, with R teachtoy instead of PG)
Rated PG Version (with PG teachtoy)
Rated G Version (with G teachtoy)