I took a page from Tea and put together a personal timeline of Kiss. Chronology may not be perfect because some were years ago- and most take me years to complete. A few of my earliest unreleased Kisses are not included- they were like Darkness, editted from existing dolls- there were 7 that I got anywhere with, and mostly they were recoloring, with only small additions, making them into goths, punks, vampires, ghosts, etc. Their main function was to teach me about the structure of Kisses. Those with two dates show from when I first started on a doll, if there is only one date either it only took me a month (some of the later ones) or I don't still have early files to date it. The sets here may be found legitimately on other sites not listed, but only if accompanied by a link to my page. Note: if any of these are found with different filenames (except for the "g" or "pg" added onto censored files as found here), or without a link to my site, they are pirated versions. Please email me with the site found upon. Also, please do not take any of these images, most especially of the unreleased sets, for any reason unless you receive express permission from me.

You need a Kiss viewer to view these files. Go get one at The Big Kiss Page.

Rating key:
GKid safe, Barbie style nudity or glued on undies.
PGAnatomically correct above the waist.
RFully anatomically correct.
XSome sexual content. Will not be hosted on this page.

Please screen dolls before giving them to your children if you are concerned about their exposure to nudity regardless.

Site key:
BKPThe Big Kiss Page, the largest library of Kiss files on the internet. Unfortunately it had to go subscription- however if you like Kiss it is certainly worth it.
EKPThe Erotic Kiss Page, run by the ever talented Glyndon.
MKCThe now defunct Monthly Kiss Contest/Collaboration.
AKPThe now defunct Adult Kiss Page.
Kiss Them for MeA compilation put together by Tea for C7, an annual gathering of net goths.

set #0: Lydia Darkness/Darkness (darkkiss.lzh)
availability: BKP and this page
date: January, 1997
One of my early edits, taking an existing doll and playing around with it. Editted from Darkness' Sailor Saturn. Part of my learning process, and only released after Tasha. I am largely embarassed by the crudeness of this set, but I do still like the jacket with the curly accents.

set #1: Tasha (tashkiss.lzh)
availability: BKP and this page
date: November, 1997
My first real Kiss. I think I scanned in first and then cleaned up with a mouse, creating most of the arms by mouse, but honestly I can't remember. Spurred on to finally create my own by Glyndon's appearance on the Kiss scene, Tasha was my first real contribution to the Kiss community. Early evidence of my overcomplicating something that could be much simpler, with the multiple positions of arms.

set #2: Vixen (vixkiss.lzh)
availability: BKP and the now defunct AKP
date: December, 1997
My first use of FKiss. Created for Rocket's Adult Kiss Page for Christmas, and entirely mouse drawn, a lot of the rigidly straight lines that aren't rounded off well were because I was using the line tool. A parody on the comic book's industry (and others) erotization of Christmas with scantily clad elves. Considering my own view of my sexuality, an adult Kiss is a little odd, but they provide some of the easiest ways to go about more "interesting" FKiss effects, as well as Vixen being created expressly for the AKP.

set #3: Midnight (midkiss.lzh)
availability: BKP
date: December, 1997
My first boy. Upon showing to a friend who wanted me to make a boy, she said, "he looks like a girl!" which is true. This is largely due to the fact I have difficulty in drawing boys so they look decidedly male- the closest I get is rather androgynous in most cases. The was entirely mouse drawn. Another adult set because male sets that are anatomically correct and don't react kind of get to me- if you want it to look alive you walk a very fine line. My favorite part is probably the smoke for the clove cigarette.

set #4: Death (dethkiss.lzh)
availability: BKP and this page
date: December, 1997
My first non original character, Death of Sandman. Also in a large way inspired by one of my friends. Originally I had an expansion that was more just her planned, but that has fallen by the wayside, and we are now geographically distant. I have gotten much better at mouse drawing, I find the body position somewhat exaggerated and awkward now, though I am still rather fond of her face, perhaps with a little more tweaking. I have considered doing another doll for Death, entirely from scratch.

set #5: Delirium (delkiss.lzh)
availability: BKP and this page
date: January, 1998
Delirium, also of Sandman. While Death had elements of one of my friends, Delirium has elements of me (most obvious in set 3). For Del, I think its still kind of cute, in some ways childish, which fits perfectly with her character, though I have considered making another Delirium Kiss at some point. I like the fringe leather jacket and the little frogs.

set #6: Tasha Expansion Set (tashax1.lzh/tashakissx1.lzh)
availability: BKP and this page
date: June, 1998
An expansion for Tasha, adding FKiss effects and a lot more clothing. Some of this is still the sort of thing I wear, but my tastes have changed to some extent. I have been thinking about doing another sp set sometime.

set #7: Wraith (wraith.lzh)
availability: BKP
date: June, 1998
Inspired by Emby's Xmen fanfic dolls. I don't not like it very much. I may someday redo it in a style and scale closer to my cannon Xmen dolls.

set #8: Psylocke (psykiss.lzh)
availability: BKP and this page
date: July, 1998
My first Xmen Kiss, and a double set. The first Kiss I tried transparencies in, even though I cannot see them on the computer I work on. In some ways I see this as the first time I really found my artistic feet. Somewhat simplistic in style and pose, but I still like it. I am in the process of redoing Psylocke as a more comprehensive set, and with 16 color palettes to reduce file size. My favorite aspect is the eyes that you can pluck right out of her head.

set #9: Nefertiri (neferkis.lzh)
availability: BKP and this page, and an exclusive version available here
date: July, 1998
My first Kiss with a background, and a closet to hide clothing. Inspired in a large way by Emby Quinn's Cleopatra, although started before that was released. Includes a teaching version with little popup messages about ancient Egypt. I like the unwrapping of the mummy and the conopic jars, which also make an appearance in an icon set of mine.

set #10: Rachel Summers (rayxcal.lzh+rayxmen.lzh+raykiss.lzh)
availability: BKP and this page
date: September, 1998
A Kiss in three parts because it was too large for my lzh program at the time (I since have found a heftier version of the same program). The first Kiss I used with lots of buttons to control certain effects. The second of my Xmen kisses, this one duplicated almost everything in two positions so she could fly. I am also working on a new version of this with some extra items, and 16 color palettes to reduce file size.

set #11: Harley Quinn (harley.lzh)
availability: BKP and this page
date: December 1999 - January, 1999 (released December 1999)
A Christmas set, Harley Quinn from Batman: the Animated Series. My first use of 16 color palettes (even though it was released after Rogue), and the first time I put in a name/title that controls the closets, and my first use of sound- cute but not necessary. While the likeness is not perfect I think it does a fairly good job.

set #12: Rogue (roguekis.lzh)
availability: BKP and this page
date: September, 1999
My largest Kiss to date, at 723 files. My third Xman, and the first released using 16 color palettes instead of one 256 color palette. Oddly enough Emby went the opposite direction, starting with 16 and moving to 256- and putting in some very lovely shading in the process. I am working on an expansion set with newer outfits and more seamless effects.

set #13: Azrael (azrael.lzh)
availability: BKP, and this page
date: December, 1999
Another Christmas set. The first Kiss where I used a darker shade of the same color instead of black as an outline.

set #13a: AzraelX (azraelx.lzh)
availability: EKP, and non adult version on this page
date: December, 1999
Expands Az with more effects and a larger wardrobe. The adult version is my first sex changing set.

set #14: Jubilee (jubekiss.lzh)
availability: BKP and this page
date: July, 1999 - January, 2000
The first set to use multiple embedded palettes (the ones that change color). The weakest of my Xmen sets, I have ideas about redoing this one.

set #15: Goth Fairy (goffairy.lzh)
availability: BKP and this page
date: July, 2000
Oddly enough, this is the only Kiss I have gotten 100% approval on, though I do not think it is particularly strong. It does still have its cute spots.

set #16: Rosi (rosi.lzh)
availability: BKP and this page
date: August, 2000
Started because I was frustrated with Nemreth and needed a break- thus the similarities in the base doll. I lost a lot of impetus during this set, and it shows. I still like some of the ideas in it, the hairdye, the wig cap, the wigs, the more 3 dimensional lipstick, and some of the clothes- it just doesn't all come together as well as I intended.

set #17: Lil Tasha (liltasha.lzh)
availability: BKP and this page
date: October, 2000
Put together for Halloween, so has a few costumes. The doll was based on the dollz by Shattered Innocents that show up all over the place, especially as avatars at the Palace. This comes closer to my current haircolor and length, which is purple and growing out long, and features some items I picked up in a recent trip to London.

set #18: Zoe (zoekiss.lzh)
availability: BKP and this page
date: May, 2001
Another itty doll, this one in an entirely different position. Also my first doll that you can see the back of, which is something I had been intending for a very long time (I love corset lacings in the back).

set #19: Alexis (alxismkc.lzh)
availability: BKP
date: May, 2001 - June, 2001
My first collaboration Kiss, created for the first MKC wardrobe. Two sets are by me in the finished product, including a mini tribute to Asia. Contains the most sophistocated backgrounds I have put in a doll to date. I had a lot of fun with Alexis, who was drawn by Lord Don.

set #20: Deadly Nightshade (nitshade.lzh)
availability: Kiss Them for Me
date: July, 2001
My First CKiss, created for the C7 compilation being compiled by Tea. This is not to be released anywhere else. One of my series of fairy paper dolls, who live at my page.

set #21: Eglantine and Betony (eglantin.lzh)
availability: Kiss Them for Me
date: July, 2001
Also created for the C7 compilation being compiled by Tea. This is not to be released anywhere else. There is an online version at my page.

set #22: Nemreth Preview (nemreth1.lzh)
availability: Kiss Them for Me and BKP
date: December, 1999 - July, 2001
My most ambitious use of FKiss to date, largely due to the large number of ifmapped's and customization of the doll. The first time I was really concientious in documenting my sources in the readme and cnf. Started in December 1999- more evidence of how long some dolls can take me to finish, as it is, without the C7 compilation it would have been left for even longer, though this is not necessarily finished. The largest cnf file to date- 116 pages- and the second largest number of cels- 666 cels (not entirely intentional).

set #23: Sue (sue7.lzh)
availability: BKP
date: June, 2001 - July, 2001
Another MKC collaboration doll I did some work on, this time the base doll was by the ever wonderful Dov Sherman. This was both good and bad- gave us some great artwork as a starting point, but also made Sue technically difficult- both for the great effects he'd added, and for the complex position that made only having a month to work on Sue even more challenging. (Can you see why June and July were hard months for me, and almost led to Kiss burnout?)

set #25: Valentine (valentine.lzh)
availability: tag/net and BKP
date: January, 2002
More collab, again for Tea. A valentine to my "assigned" valentine, ChaosDiscordia (who has made one really cute doll as of writing this, I look forward to more), and a valentine to the Kiss Community. Collabs are fun because you get interaction with art by other artists too, which is neat.

set #26: Dark Side of Cute (darkcute.lzh)
availability: BKP
date: January, 2002
Yet another collab, this time for Alex. The doll had a really restrictive palette which was nifty, all blacks, purples, reds, and a little bit of greens and blues. Makes for very matching outfits, color wise at least, from all involved. I really enjoyed the base doll. I did this in one day. I shocked even myself on that one! I had decided what to do before that though, so I had a very clear picture of most of it.

Birthday KiSS for Tasha (tasha_bd.lzh)
availability: here, and perhaps other places
date: August, 2002
Nadav made this for me for my birthday- it was the best birthday present!
- currently unreleased -

set #24: Otakuworld Birthday (bday.lzh)
availability: BKP
date: September, 2001
Another collab doll, this time for Otakuworld's third birthday. My contribution isn't much, but I think its kind of cute. It was fun to play with a chibi doll. The other small doll is a shrunken down version of something I'm planning on releasing eventually.
- a few in progress -

set ?: Dominel
availability: n/a
date: March, 2000 - ?
Another sex changing angel, with a much less exhaustive ability to change than Nemreth.

set ?: Jean Grey
availability: n/a
date: September, 1999 - ?
Like Rachel in a lot of ways, but larger.

set ?: Chamber
availability: n/a
date: August, 1999 - ?
Another Xmen set. I haven't started the effects on it yet.

set ?: Blink
availability: n/a
date: July, 1999 - ?
A different position for an Xmen doll- the first to not be standing looking straight at you.

set ?: Shadowcat
availability: n/a
date: November, 2000 - ?
Even more different- a much more dynamic pose for one of my Xmen dolls.