My first X-man Kiss was the Psylocke set, a set with 2 dolls and clothes that fit on both. I'm pretty happy with it, its the first one that has been entirely done pixel by pixel (Wraith and Del were mostly, but their basis was from scanned, although very modified), and it was hard, but it seems to have been accepted well... The FKiss is more advanced than most of the rest, I'm finally getting more comfortable with it (largely thanks to Emby Quinn's prowess in said field). The FKiss will be quite reminiscent of Emby Quinn's, in fact, because I like her style. Lots of the costumes are divided up up into their component parts, for instance, the Lady Mandarin outfit has so many peices.... Most of the stuff is from the comix (X-men and Captain Britain mostly), although I added the black and white clothes just for fun (besides, Betsy was a model). i am currently in the process of redoing the original base doll slightly, and adding more clothing and hairstyles. Expect an improved version sometime soon.

FKiss: Click on the hair and it changes, the faces change expressions, they blink. Articles of clothing change slightly because of the differences in bodies.
FKiss2: The Psychic manifestions of power have transparencies.

Rated R Version (original release)
Rated PG Version
Rated G Version