I've made a Rachel Summers Phoenix doll, to follow in the footsteps of the Psylocke. What can I say, flipping through my old comix has started me on an X-men kick... I am probably the only person who will appreciate this, most people don't like Rachel because they know her from X-men. Some more rambling. This is sort of released as a memorial to Excaliber, which is ending very very soon (this does not please me. Yeah, its gone downhill since Alan Davis left, but still I had hope it would improve, maybe lure Davis back...), Shadowcat and Nightcrawler get to go back to being X-men. They never should have made Captain Britain competant. And getting rid of Rachel was such a mistake, she may have been an annoying brat as an X-man, but in Excaliber she finally became a good character. She actually became one of my favorite people in Excaliber. She has way too many clothes, added to by the fact that most everything is duplicated in another position, so the set is huge. Because of this, its divided into 3 pieces.


FKiss: Click on the hair and it changes, her face change expressions, she blinks. Also, buttons to change Rachel's power envelope, and the fire flickers. And buttons to change faces and a second position.
FKiss2: The green and black dress in the Crosstime Caper has transparencies.

Part 1, Rated R Version (original release)
Part 1, Rated G Version
Part 2 (expansion set, requires part 1)
Part 3 (expasion set, requires parts 1 and 2)