I got a request to make a Rogue Kiss doll from the site mistress of Sugar and Spice, and while working on a few other X-girls I've also gotten requests about, she ended up being the one who pulled for my greatest attention. Big thanks to This Woman, This Warrior, a great Carol Danvers site, it really helped on Carol's "cameo." Another rather exhaustive set, this even includes Rogue as Thor, which if you know where is from, you get a genuine no-prize and you obviously have too much time on your hands and too many comics like me (not to mention a little bit of obsession...). And Rogue in that whole Kulan Gath thing, which if you're old skool, you'll get. This one carries on a tradition I set with Harley, using multiple 16 color palettes instead of a 256 palette. In this case, it took quite a few, but I hope the reduction in file size was worth it. In subsequent sets the multiple palettes may become more necessary, but this one could have been done the same with a 256, so you won't notice in anything other than file size. There is also a Java version that gives you a little bit of an idea of what she looks like, although it is far from complete, only to give a little sample of Kiss.


FKiss: Click on the hair and it changes, her face change expressions, she blinks. Also, buttons to change Rogue's appearance, when she's absorbed somebody's powers. A few articles of clothing change when clicked.
FKiss2: The mohawk in set 4 has a collide/in funtion and a couple of the transformations fade out. I was going to use more advanced coding for a PC version, but none of the commands were quite what I wanted.

Rated R Version (original release)
Rated G Version