Well, I couldn't put all my favorites here, but here are a few that for one reason or another I feel deserve special attention. Look for their dolls on The Big Kiss Page.

Light was my introduction to Kiss. Wow. The first Kiss I ever saw was Playgirl, and from that moment on, I was hooked . Light's Kisses were the first I ever started editing to learn about cnf files and cels and all that. Light is still my favorite Kiss artist, even though I'm not terribly thrilled with all of his (her?, although I kind of doubt it, s/he is Japanese) Kisses, there are certian gems that have always just blown me away. And most of the ones I don't like all that much are based on established characters and I prefer Light's original style.

My second love of Kiss is Dov Sherman. Just look at Cinder's Automated Hairdresser, the 2 Ranma's, Malcolm... Dov was my introduction to FKiss, and no one does it better. Not only is the art great, the effects are incredible, they are so very much fun. I was priveledged enough to see a preview of his newest Kiss, and all I can say is, it is going to be worth the wait. Its mindblowing. Dov, of course, also runs The Big Kiss Page, the be all and end all of archives for Kisses, and a big part of the reason its spread past a small number of elite Japanese artists. My hat goes off to Dov, show your appreciation and download everything he's ever made...

Batchix I think first caught my eye with Robin. Yeah, she'd done other things before, I even liked them, I kept them, they just didn't grab me. Robin, first of all was a boy, and there is a shortage of Kiss boys. The backgrounds were fun, and the little Batman blurbs. I liked the changing screens, and the outfits were cute. I went back over some of her earlier offerings, nostalgic trips like Rainbow Bright and Allura from Voltron, and found that I appreciated them more. Since then I've seen reason to reiterate my liking of her work, she has done some great FKiss (Jem/Jerrica for one, yes, I admit, I watched Jem too when I was younger). Some personal favorites that spring to mind are Morpheus (of course), Nathan, Bathmorta. I look forward to Batchix getting access back, as she has been deprived going away to school. She's also gotten together an archive for boy Kisses, which should always be encouraged :).

The next Kiss artist deserving note in my eyes is Glyndon. I had bits and pieces of goth kisses on my HD for years before she came on the scene, I'd even started Tasha but never gotten far enough to finish her. Glyndon's appearance on the Kiss scene finally got me into action, finishing things and posting them for the entire web to see, instead of just having a passing interest and half finishing everything and then leaving it be. So Glyndon is the reason this page finally came into existence. Her clothes are fun, and she has some nice fx on her more recent offerings. Another thing that makes Glyndon so special is her animal Kisses, the all ages cat, ferret, my little ponies. A lot of her Kisses were exclusive releases, available only on her page.

And now, the most prolific Kisser, Emby Quinn. She has a "modular" sort of body type, although she redraws proportions on particular people. This means A) she gets Kisses done faster than most of us and feeds our obsessions while we're working on our own, and B) her dolls are in scale, which is something mine rarely are (what can I say, its hard working with a mouse or scanning things the same general size). I'm working on better scale for the X-Kisses at least, I would like to see them all look reasonable if put in a picture together.... But another thing about Emby, she also tends to have some of the most interesting Kisses/FX/objects. From her early winged critters, to a tamagotchi, to a fan that opens and closes, to a dripping bottle of blood, to Barbie and her evil twin, she is nothing if not imaginative (and I like her, so there :P ).

A new favorite kiss artist is Satori. Very lovely art. Her hands are a bit scary, but who am I to complain, I am really bad at drawing hands, and besides, they actually come close to being faithful reproductions of my hands (yes, I do have scary hands, most people who know me will back this up. I have had people run the other way screaming when I've menaced them. I can also do a rather disgusting stupid human trick with my hands, that only adds to the amount people fear them). But Satori's Kisses are quite the new tasty treat. I'm looking forward to seeing more.

And now, the king of monstrous sets, Moonshade. Corynna was the first set I've ever seen that had so much stuff. His art's nice, his sets may not run quite like they're supposed to because I use a Mac and some FKiss is not supported, but still, his sets deserve mention for their use (and perhaps overuse, the sets are rather mindbogglingly huge) of lots and lots of interactive objects.

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