Well, if you're here it means you're ditching me. What, I'm not good enough for you? Well, I suppose there is but little here, and there are many better places you can go. Here are but a few:

The Big Kiss Page: The place to go for everything that is Kiss. And check out Dov's links section, its oh so much more comprehensive than mine.

The Erotic Kiss Page: The AKP went away, so Glyndon gave us a new one. Adults only please.

The World Kiss Page: The home of all those nifty Japanese artists that started this all. Rarely updated, but has some oh so lovely goodies.

Emby Quinn's Kiss Page: The home of that most prolific of Kiss artists, Emby Quinn. Mostly just has little previews and blurbs about most of her Kisses, but also has a base doll, and her list of "Kisses I would not do if you paid me" (sort of like mine).

Satori's KiSS Page- yummy. I'm in love.

Glyndon's All Ages Page: Glyndon is finally back! Rejoice!

Glyndon's Adult Kiss Page: The BDSM world of Glyndon is back on line. Check out, X. Very stylish.

The Male Kiss Page: If you wonder where all the boys are, this is the place. A shrine to the rarer sex to get Kissed.

Why not check just out all the dollring pages? There are some nice sites there that I don't feel like listing at the moment (gee, I'm just soooo good at links, aren't I?) If you want to talk about Kiss, you can go to The Adult Kiss Board or Yet Another Kiss Posting Board.

Or, just go for real paper dolls (but you'll need a printer!) at Dead Dolls, or a cute punk rock girl at Dead Milkmen. There are also a couple at Antimony and Lace, a great resource for DIY goths, and a couple from Black Daisies. And, you can get beautiful custom made paper dolls from Mournin Glories Gothic Emporium.

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