Generation X of the Dark Kiss

I got a request for the whole Gen X crew, and I kind of like the idea. So it may take a while, but here goes.

EarthGirl Lee, Defender of the Universe

My first Gen X kiss was Jubilee, also a temporary X-man, and the first member of Generation X, so I suppose it makes sense. I was going to make Jubilee anyway and was working on her before I got the request. She's even got the outfit in that wacky underground special with
Banshee's Angels. She's an all ages doll because she is still probably under the age of consent (although with the way Marvel deals with ages, who knows...).


FKiss: Click on her hair and it changes, her face changes expressions, she blinks, she has bubbles, bubble gum, and a pyrotechnic display, and try to totally underss her and she's not happy.


Rated G Version (original release)


What can I say, Jono is pretty darn cute. I've just started, so the pics here are *very* in progress (as you can tell since he's not wearing shoes in one picture... Waredrobe-wise I'm taking a lot of liberties with this one, I'm not particularly happy with what he's been wearing recently (Tommy Hillfiger? I think not), I like the early characterization, Rebel Without a Face and all that. This one is scarred, which is yet another thing they've "changed," and not for the better.


FKiss: Click on the hair and it changes, and the nuclear furnace can be contained (and there's the pre-blowout Jono).


Still on the drawing board.

And why don't you check out the person who got me off my lazy ass to do stuff? She has a spiff fan site,
The Danger Grotto.

Generation X and related characters are copyright Marvel Comics, and I am using them without permission (but not making any money off it). Go out and buy lots of comics from them.

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